GYIE Cross-border launches new cooperative measures with E-capital Transfer

  • Apr 08,2018
  • From:GYIE
Morning, March 29, 2018, GYIE Cross-border held a symposium with E-capital Transfer at GYIE Cross-border conference room.
On morning 10:30, E-capital Transfer standing deputy Party Secretary and also vice-president Yao Kai visited GYIE Cross-border. And other executives of E-capital Transfer, including assistant to the president Xiao Bo, Business Development Department GM Zhang Hui, Credit Certification Division deputy GM Liu Haiping, Financial Leasing subsidiary company Vice GM Tian Feng, Comprehensive Management head Yin Yutian.
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde accompanies Yao Kai, standing deputy Party Secretary and also vice-president of E-capital Transfer, during his visit to GYIE
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde accompanied the guests by as a guide to GYIE Cross-border's working place and introducing GYIE Cross-border's company structure, enterprise culture, systems and regulations, development goals, and working procedures, etc..
Both parties exchanged views on cooperative details at a symposium, at which GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde extended a warm welcome to vice-secretary Yao, and also stressed that, both parties had gained great achievements through cooperation in 2017, especially in the insurance agent and enterprise certification business sections, and Ding wished that both parties could find new cooperative programs to further advance business cooperation by taking this exchange as a good opportunity.
And then, GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding made a detailed introduction of the construction progress of GYIE Cross-border's platform business team, followed by each party's business heads' introduction of their own business progress.
E-capital Transfer vice-secretary introduced that, in the past three years, E-capital Transfer had grown into a national level financial platform, especially its big data integrated processing function, which was a great supplement to the China Banking Regulatory Commission's (CBRC) information big data comprehensive collecting and processing function and the related credit system. In his introduction, Yao stressed that the big data collecting from its insurance agent and enterprise credit certification business had been put into application in enterprise marketization, and which could provide cooperative points to both parties since both parties shared a lot of similarities in each other's platform business.
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde expressed his appreciation to Yao for his acknowledgement and encouragement to GYIE Cross-border, especially E-capital Transfer's great support to GYIE Cross-border's development, and Ding also expressed his sincere congratulations to E-capital Transfer's newly-gained business progress. At last, chairman Ding stressed that, in 2018, GYIE Cross-border pursued pragmatic and high-quality development through the cooperation with E-capital Transfer. Both parties has reached into consensus in the two following points: first, E-capital Transfer vice-GM Liu Haiping would dock with GYIE Cross-border Risk Control vice-GM Li Yuqin with GYIE Cross-border vice-president as the head; second, both parties should formulate specific plans for the cooperation in supply-chain finance business.

Both parties at the symposium
At the symposium, GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde invited E-capital Transfer vice-secretary Yao Kai to attend the grand ceremony for GYIE Cross-border's second winning of the China Most Influential Enterprises in 2018, at which both parties would sign the cooperative agreement on specific details in operation.
E-capital Transfer vice-secretary Yao Kai accepted GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding's invitation happily and without the least hesitation.
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