Talent Philosophy

Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. values talents as the foundation of the enterprise's development, and the staff as the enterprise's most precious wealth. GYIE insists on putting the right person on the right position to let every person give full play to his talents. GYIE strives to provide a stage for every staff to fully display his talents by way of establishing scientific, high-efficient talent mechanism and creating a positive talent growth environment, and also pursues to realize the mutual development of both the enterprise and its staff through continuously creating personnel development opportunities to provide the chances and platforms that enable all kinds of talents to seek success and realize their individual values.

GYIE implements the talent strategy of selecting, introducing, utilizing, cultivating, and retaining talent with its four major advantages in Internet plus bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce, professional team, business mode, and cultural soft power by centering on four major sectors including bulk commodity trade, warehouse logistics, Internet technology, and Internet finance.
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