An Introduction of Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd.

       Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "GYIE Cross-border"), founded on September 18th, 2015, is a whole industry chain service provider with bulk commodity trading as its core business.

       GYIE Cross-border commodity e-commerce platform (GYIE website,, is the first portal service website in China's bulk commodity e-commerce industry. GYIE Cross-border, a new group that "starts late but with high starting point, develops rapidly with an innovative mode", has achieved a total trading volume of 167.474 billion yuan in 2016 with over 12 thousand platform customers.

       GYIE Cross-border has always followed the enterprise spirit of "honesty comes first, credit-oriented", and strictly implemented its core values of "benefit the nation and people, favoring the enterprise and ourselves, serving the community and experiencing the life" with the aim at establishing a new B2B e-commerce ecosystem and a secure, trusted, win-win service platform for the small and medium-sized enterprises of China by way of strictly following the national strategies and meeting the market demands.

       GYIE Cross-border provides all-round financial services for high quality enterprises by establishing high-efficient financing channels for the small and medium-sized enterprises, and also makes unitary export trade by integrating domestic high-quality bulk commodity orders. GYIE Cross-border provides free, sufficient online broker services for the products trading between the suppliers and buyers by way of seizing huge industry data covering business, logistics, fund and information, and also provides high-efficient, convenient warehousing logistics service, all of which is aimed at realizing the establishing of the online and offline O2O closed-loop ecosystem by way of outputting broker trade, payment settlement, data information, IT technology, financing and risk control management, etc..

       Since its founding, GYIE Cross-border has won extensive acclaim from all walks of life, and now has been awarded as the invited vice-director unit of China Foundation for International Studies (CFIS), vice-director unit of China Electronic Commerce Association (CECA), vice-president unit of China Chemical Entrepreneurs Association, the standing director unit of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), vice-director unit of China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, member unit of China Association of Trade in Services, member unit of China Cross-border E-commerce 50, director unit of Shanghai Chemical Industry Association, etc..

       GYIE Cross-border has also been awarded the 2016 China Most Influential Enterprises, China Key Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises, 2016 China Top-500 Chemical Enterprises, China Top-100 E-commerce Industry Enterprises, China Credit Leading Internet Enterprises, China Credit Demonstration Internet Enterprises, the Second Prize for China Chemical Enterprise Management Innovation, etc.. GYIE Cross-border has won a series of awards including 2017 China Top-500 Petroleum&Chemical Enterprises, the first prize for the 10th All-China Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises Management Innovations, the advanced unit for innovation of Shanghai Internet and Foreign Trade Industry, a founding member of the "Overseas Chinese Cross-border E-commerce Cooperation League", member of the Industrial E-commerce Innovative Development League of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC., etc..

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