Responsibility Philosophy

Author: Song Hang

The seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party stressed that our country sticked to putting socialist core values running through every domain of reform and opening and the socialist modernization drive aiming at promoting the construction of socialist core moral system. The implementation and practice of the specific paths of socialist core values lies within continually enhancing the sense of corporate responsibility and reinforcing social credit and professional ethics of the businesses, the microcosmic market main body of creation of the product or service in the economic field.

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of contemporary constructions of society and culture. The consumers, grown increasingly concerned about social credit, production environment and staff quality of manufacturers, are more willing to buy goods and services from those producers with favorable social credit, production environment and excellent staff, making the firms which assume social responsibilities to achieve competitive advantage in the sales process, thus realizing the everlasting business. As a consequence, corporate social responsibility regarded as corporate culture value orientation becomes vital content of contemporary enterprise culture. Conversely, violation of the correct guidance of corporate values and breach of corporation society responsibility would spell disastrous consequence. It is widely realized that the financial crisis that swept the planet in 2008 is not just caused by financial supervision but also results from the profound reasons such as deterioration of the social credit and moral deficiency manifested in some enterprises. Part of domestic firms do not bear social responsibility resulting in adverse phenomenon frequently occur such as tainted milk, dyed steamed buns, lean meat powder, beef extract paste, ConocoPhillips oil spill and Qujing city chromium slags. The reason is that economic globalization makes market competition become more intensive and enterprise autonomy of self-management to be even more prominent. Besides that, ideas and lifestyles of people and dissemination channels had been changed with a series of changes of social environment resulting in increasingly burgeoning hot social issues difficulties and blind spots, which is bound to exert a great influence in value orientation of the business. In the presence of numerous social problems, some enterprises failed to seize correct value orientation, regarded benefit maximization as the sole target of business operation disregard of social responsibility and obtained personal gain at the expense of social and environmental benefits, which always ended in ultimate insolvency triggered by media exposure and public condemnation. As a consequence, building a value proposition mainly dominated by fulfillment of social responsibility,establishing a strategic management concept of social

responsibility and fostering a sense of social responsibility are crucial to correct the behavioral deviation of enterprises and regain public confidence , thus promoting social and economic benefits.

The enterprise is required firstly to internalize the concept of social responsibility in daily management consciousness itself increasing corporate awareness of the importance of bearing social responsibility from the perspective of strategic thinking of development in order to set up responsible corporate image by means of establishing value proposition dominated by the content of fulfilling our social responsibility.

Meanwhile, the strategic management idea of bearing social responsibility conforms to national conditions and the practical concept of corporate social responsibility. The enterprises should establish value orientation of social responsibility incorporating the value idea of contribution to society into the system of corporate strategy management and propagandize rudimentary knowledge of social responsibility making the entire corporation ranging from entrepreneur decision-makers to top management staff and ordinary employee all realize the importance and emergency of their social responsibility and that the enterprise would lose market competitiveness if the law of global corporate development and value proposition indicated by social responsibility are not followed. Although fulfilling social obligations will probably increase corporate operating costs, the costs, in comparison to a good image of responsible enterprise builded in the future, seem insignificant. The value proposition of performing social responsibility brings the firm not only users' trusts but also senses of pride and satisfaction of the staff creating the conditions and laying the foundation for corporate sustainable developments.

The enterprises are required to actively explore external behavior conforming with the value orientation of responsibility in order to set up responsible corporate image by means of establishing value proposition dominated by the content of fulfillment our social responsibility. High-profile charitable donation is not the only pattern of manifestation of corporate fulfillment of social responsibility. On the contrary, a firm which can not ensure products' quality, even if topped the list of philanthropic donations, is difficulty in revealing the corporate image of the courage to assume social responsibility.

The enterprises should endeavor to achieve higher levels of accountability requirements making sure on the basis of the feasible fulfillment of essential responsibilities including legal liability, accountability to shareholders and responsibilities' to consumers.

Sometimes low-key corporate behaviors are precisely the embodiment of practice of social responsibility. For instance, the enterprises could reduce lighting decoration to heed calls to our country's "low carbon economy", develop the circular economy utilizing products manufactured from industrial three wastes to effectively decrease pollutant emission, resettle laid-off workers, build community and community services and conduct social assistance and so on. The enterprise, according to the actual situation of self-development, should carry out all kinds of attempts demonstrating value guidance of social responsibility, not only ensuring the implementation of economic accountability to receive reasonable corporate profits but also making explicit the assumption of social responsibility to embody value guidance of the development of harmonious society with the aim of creating a win-win situation of social and economic benefits.

At the same time,the enterprises are required to carry out specific practice activities in line with their own conditions in order to set up responsible corporate images by means of establishing value proposition

dominated by the content of fulfilling our social responsibility. For example, as for state-owned enterprises, considered as monopoly companies, should invest more resources and energies in high level social responsibility activities including community building, community services and social assistance; As for resource-based enterprises, they, with primary responsibility of environmental protection, should abides by objective laws of following resource capacity and pursues efforts to bear social responsibility of environmental protection which can not take the "grow first, clean up later" approach only for the temporary and partial benefits resulting in jeopardizing the health of the local people and the pace of sustainable development, in addition to offering the staff safe and reliable working atmosphere; as for service enterprise of common commodity, with primary responsibility of product safety, should repeatedly instill the ideas of product safety and liability and fulfillment social responsibility of ensuring product safety from the aspects such as management strategy, production measures, delivery inspection and after-sale tracking service to ensure product security with the aim of performing the social responsibility.

In a word, the enterprise is bound to clearly understand that, in the presence of the complex social situation, establishing value proposition dominated by the content of fulfilling our social responsibility complies with the time development and the correct value orientation adapting to the enterprise law of development, with which as a guide can the enterprise embarks on the sustainable development road playing a promoting role on building correct value guidance of the whole society. More and more

companies, besides performing practical actions, start releasing social responsibility reports with a consensus of fulfillment social responsibility. We expect that every enterprise, taking the implementation of 17th session of six CCP plenary conference spirits as the precious opportunity, conscientiously strengthens the corporate value of social responsibility and the corresponding construction of management operating system leading the enterprise to progress scientifically and rationally and more firms make the situation of doing corporate social responsibility public being subject to supervision of the public.
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