Team Building

Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the four-in-one management mode integrating Confucian culture, Taoist ideology, army working style, and self-control with the aim at improving productivity through team building.

Talent plays a vital role in the enterprise's development, and if we want to occupy the commanding height in the market competition, we have to build a talent team in accordance with the market needs. GYIE has always been following the spirit of professionalism in its enterprise behaviors and cultivating talent with three steps, that is, to cultivate a promising talent to a great talent, and then to a value-output talent. Every staff has been valued as a talent for greater purpose since his entering into GYIE, and all their talents will be fully displayed in the GYIE's business development and spiritual homeland

During the three-step talent cultivation period, we will insist on applying scientific, standardized human resources system with the aim at establishing a world first-class diversified cross-border e-commerce platform with the best one-stop service guarantee.
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