Since the promulgation of Guidance Opinions on Actively Promoting the Actions of Internet plus of the State Council, Shanghai GYIE Cross-Border E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has been engaged in leading the promotion of global economic integration and development of commodity e-commerce. Based on the excellent information researching technology and the multiple services of commodity e-commerce, market information, on-line payment, and cloud technical value-added business, the company has been helping every member of the GYIE cross-border e-commerce platform to enjoy the prosperity in the key action fields of “cloud technology” and “high-efficiency logistics”, to which the State Council paid special attention. As said by Xun Zi, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; without a small single step, one may not finish a thousand-mile journey; without small trickles, the rivers or seas could no longer exist.” As one of the limited numbers of commodity e-commerce companies at present in China, we have been working hard to bring actual benefits to our country and the society and people of China ever since the born of our company. We help the customers to enjoy terminal services quickly, and bring customers secure and reliable commodities. We insist on the core value of “benefit our country and people; benefit the industry and company; serve the society; build our lives” to realize mutual benefits and achieve an excellent life, so as to complete the social responsibilities of the enterprise.

The core of corporate culture is the value, and the inner core for realizing the value is integrity. Integrity is the origin for the cultural construction of a company, as well as the foundation for the success of a company. For the internal company, the cultural atmosphere of integrity was created by the company; for the customers, the band keynote of “product integrity, service integrity, sales integrity, and competition integrity” was built; for the cooperative companies, our company cooperates with them with integrity, so as to achieve the effective deployment and efficient utilization of capitals and resources.

As mentioned in the Capital: Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx, “competition and credit are two of the most powerful levers for the development of production.” In the history, there were large numbers of knowledge-based businessmen who preferred integrity and justice and treated others with honesty. The GYIE group inherits the character of knowledge-based businessmen and makes integrity as the origin of its business rules. The company insists on the principle that “a person could no longer live without integrity and a company could no longer be established without integrity”, thus the company develops the market with integrity and gains trust from the market. The company also chases the goals to maximize the economic interests of customers and build the best invisible brand, which reflects the integrity business rules of GYIE.

If integrity is the soil for the survival of an enterprise, then hardworking and innovation would be necessary nutrients for the fertile soil. Firstly, the struggle. The company believes that hardworking is the only path to success, and implants the idea as an enterprise spirit to each member of GYIE. The success of a company heavily depends on the spiritual status of the company team, thus we make the spirit of “Showing Sword” as the soul of our company.

Currently, the hardworking and practical innovation is two unique features of the company spirit of GYIE.

Secondly, the innovation. For the company culture of the GYIE group, the idea innovation is its precursor; the strategic innovation is its direction; the organization innovation is its guarantee; technology innovation is its method; market innovation is its objective. With the GYIE group developing from small to big and from big to strong, the company culture of GYIE is under innovation and development.

If the management is in order, the company will prosper; if the management is out of order, the company will decline. Personnel is the most significant factor for a company, thus in order to occupy the high ground, a talent team adaptable for the market shall be developed. The use of people is also a kind of business while the talents recruited need to be kept, because everything could be created by talents. Thus the human resources shall be effectively configured in accordance with the rules of market economy. For instance, hiring personnel on the basis of their abilities; taking full advantages of personnel with limited abilities; taking use of external talents; cultivating talents for potential use. Talent has long been a dynamic concept for the GYIE group. In the cultural system of GYIE, the word “Talent” has three meanings corresponding to three different stages: human resource, talent, talent wealth.

Once join the GYIE group, the staff would be fairly deemed as “rough diamonds”, and they could be “precious” after the ground by the company. At the business and spiritual home of GYIE, the abilities of the staff could be shown separately. Finally, we believe that the staff is the precious resources to bring huge wealth for the GYIE group.

During series of personal development processes that the human resources become talents and talent wealth, we adhere to rely on the scientific and standardized human resources system. It is the basement for the company culture to be effective, and it is also the first step for the cultural construction of the company. A well scientific standard relies on reasonable standardizing system, which includes explicit incentive measures, talent development plan, group culture for company management, welfare system, etc. In the management concept of GYIE, scientific and normalized human resource system is a complete platform including the human action and human development, and it would be capable of transforming the human resource to human capital and further making the talents become strong competitiveness.

The codes of conduct for the employees of GYIE consist of the following contents:
Loyal to the company - we require each member of GYIE to be loyal to the GYIE group.
Love the job - we require each member of GYIE to love his/her career.
Brave to be reliable - we require each member of GYIE to be brave to take the responsibilities regardless of gain and loss.
Solidary and friendly - we require each member of GYIE to be good at team work.
Responsible for the duties - we require each member of GYIE to stay with the responsibility and fulfill the duties.
Down to earth - we require each member of GYIE to stay away from empty talk, boasting and lying.
Comply with discipline - we require each member of GYIE to comply with rules and discipline.
Keep secret - we require each member of GYIE to strictly keep the secrets of the company and be careful about his/her behaviors: say nothing while it is not needed; ask nothing while it is not needed; see nothing while it is not allowed.

The development of GYIE does not only mean the accumulating of its wealth and reputation, but also means to gain material wealth and spiritual wealth for the whole society. In long term development, it would not be the only purpose for the GYIE to chase economic interests, the company will take it as its responsibility to serve the country and benefit the people. The company will consciously take its economic responsibility and social responsibility, and actively create social wealth and contribute the society, so as to realize the harmonious development of enterprise and society and to build a real benchmarking private enterprise of the crude oil chemical industry.

For the development of a company, to stand still is to move back, and “low speed” is the biggest risk for the development of the company. We have to overcome the ideology of being satisfied with small improvement and resist the tendency of spiritual slack and seeking ease and comfort; be good at seizing opportunities and be brave to liberate the ideology and innovate, so as to gather strength for the development blueprint of GYIE.

Under the conditions of market economy, capital is the soul of a company, and the development of the company is determined by the decisions made by the investors. It reflects the interests and expectation of the shareholders and it is also the investment value of the GYIE for the investors. The GYIE company takes the core businesses with high market share, highly competitive and technological advantage, good economic benefits and market development space as its main investment orientation. The company makes decision mainly according to the capital return rate of the investment item, which ensures a reasonable capital structure for the company. The company always dedicates itself to provide good returns to the investor, which will form a virtuous cycle for the investment of the company, so as to attract more investors and develop a bigger and stronger company.

Each GYIE member would establish a benefit community with GYIE since it enters into GYIE. Based on talent, GYIE creates a harmonious and friendly office environment and respects and cares about the employees, which motivates the infinite creativity of the employees, so as to promote the material wealth of the employees and to realize their life values.
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