Education and Training

Training Goals Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. adheres to the ideology of putting the talents as the enterprise's first resource, provides career development channels and platforms for all the staff, and pursues mutual development of both the company and staff by seizing the strength-gathering, cultivation, evaluation and inspiration steps, and making efforts to implement the talent strategy with capacity building as the core, structure-optimizing as the mainline, management team, professional talent team and skilled talent team construction as the focus.

Training Programs GYIE carries out training programs at different levels actively by way of implementing the "Young Talent", "Flying Talent", and "Elite" training programs respectively for the grass-roots staff, middle and senior management personnel with an aim at enabling all the employees to be competent for their work in a more rapid, high-efficient way.

Training Methods GYIE takes the training method of integrating the internal and external training by closely centering on the enterprise development, team building, and staff career development needs, and also positively promotes the innovation in training by continuously improving the training quality with the aim of improving all employees' ideological and political qualities and professional skills so as to provide a lid talent guarantee for the enterprise's development.

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