GYIE, supported by GYIE brand, endeavors to be an elite e-commence platform in chemical, rubber and plastic markets by means of building credibility, elevating service quality, charging corresponding service fee after serving platform-based customers according to service standards and expanding the businesses of chemistry, rubber and plastics under the safe, reliable and risk-free principles.

Energy & Chemistry Sector

GYIE, taking chemical raw material as its lead, carries out upstream and downstream services with the centre of five commodities mainly dominated by import business, tracks the entire transaction links and intervene in the process of commodity transaction in a matching form, establishes closed-loop trade and gets involved in financial services at the later stage on the principle of serving small and medium sized chemical enterprises on the platform.

Rubber & Plastic Sector

GYIE, with the aim of pledge financing service, develops cooperation with large industrial and trading companies to solve capital turnover of rubber & plastic firms and meet link requirements of importing raw materials and production.

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