GYIE Cross-border's businesses cover bulk commodity raw materials including crude oil, chemical products, plastics, rubber, steel, minerals, metal, energy and agricultural products, etc., and also covers industrial and manufacturing products, as well as service economy products including cloud warehousing, cloud logistics, big data and technology. GYIE Cross-border pursues to turn the customers' demands into direct factory manufacturing by integrating commodity online transaction, free broking, industry information, online payments and financial derivatives value-added services by way of providing all-round supports from information to insurance, to value-added services.

As the largest cross-border E-commerce enterprise of bulk commodity in China, GYIE, aimed at breaking through internet bridges among bulk commodity, industrial raw materials and manufacturing industry and serving the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing industry, works on participating in the developing exploration and standards setting of industry association, integrates data of upstream and downstream firms on the industry chain and straightens out circulative order of bulk commodity with the aim of realizing the connection between online and offline resources, commodity and finance, home and abroad, thus creating a complete ecosystem of globe bulk commodity.

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