Shanghai GYIE Annual Conference & Grand Ceremony for its second winning of China's Most Influential Enterprises held in Shanghai

  • Apr 27,2018
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Making brave progress and seeking great achievements in the New Era 
Shanghai GYIE Annual Conference & Grand Ceremony for its second winning of
China's Most Influential Enterprises held in Shanghai 
Afternoon, Apr. 20, 2018, Shanghai GYIE Annual Conference & Grand Ceremony for its second winning of China's Most Influential Enterprises held in Shanghai Jing'an St. Regis Hotel with over 300 distinguished visiting guests. At the conference, GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde extended his warm welcoming to all the guests and expressed his sincerest appreciation for all guests concern and care for Shanghai GYIE. 
Shanghai GYIE chairman Ding Mingde addresses the conference 
At the grand ceremony, leaders from China Enterprise Confederation (CEC), China Enterprise Directors Association (CEDA), China Fund of International Studies (CFIS), China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) delivered impassioned speeches with full recognition and praise. 
Feng Bing, Vice president of both CEC&CEDA delivers a speech at the ceremony 
Feng Bing, vice president of both CEC&CEDA, delivered an impassioned speech in which he gave a passionate account of GYIE Cross-border's development process with his great care and support for GYIE Cross-border having been fully fulfilled. 
Lan Lijun, head of CFIS delivers a speech at the ceremony 
Lan Lijun, head of CFIS, delivered a speech at the ceremony from the perspective of implementing the nation's Belt&Road Initiative, in which he spoke highly of Shanghai GYIE's contribution to the implementing of B&R Initiative as one of the vice director units. 
Zeng Jian, executive deputy secretary of CPCIF delivers a speech at the ceremony 
Zeng Jian, executive deputy secretary of CPCIF delivered an impassioned speech in which he spoke highly of GYIE Cross-border's amazing achievement of ranking at 81st in China Top-500 Petroleum&Chemical enterprises with "GYIE MODE" and "GYIE SPEED". 
Zhongyie Group chairman Luo Xinfu delivers a speech at the meeting 
At the ceremony, Luo Xinfu, chairman of Zhangyie Group, a cooperative enterprise of GYIE, and Luo Chaoyang, GM of Maoming Tianyuan Petrochemcial Co., Ltd. expressed their sincere congratulations to GYIE's second winning of China Most Influential Enterprises. 
Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd., founded in Sep. 2015, is one whole-industry-chain service provider centered on commodity trade. 
GYIE Cross-border is the first portal service website in China commodity e-commerce field, and has gained great progress in the past three years with its distinctive development features of "starting late but with high starting point, develop fast with innovative patterns". In 2016, GYIE Cross-border achieved a total trade volume of 167.474 billion yuan with over 120,000 platform users; and in 2017, the trade number grows to 637 billion yuan with over 142,000 platform users. 
GYIE Cross-border's great achievement has been widely acknowledged within the commodity industry, and GYIE ranked at 81st among the Top-500 China Petrochemical enterprises, and also wins the awards of "China Most Influential Enterprises", "China Key Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises", "China Top-100 E-commerce Enterprises" in two successive years. 
GYIE Cross-border "Collective purchase and distribution" mode has been rewarded as the "First prize for the tenth Session of China Petroleum&Chemical Enterprise Management Innovations" and "Most Innovative Service Model" in 2017. 
GYIE Cross-border got a warm reception from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the People, and also was invited to the ASEM High-level Forum On Digital Connectivity in 2017. And recently, GYIE Cross-border ranked tenth at China Top-100 commodity e-commerce enterprises, which has fully reflected GYIE Cross-border's rapid development and innovative spirit, and more importantly, GYIE Cross-border's employees' hard working spirit. Standing at the frontline of China's reform and innovation, Shanghai GYIE has built a whole-industry-chain service platform covering both domestic and overseas market by integrating Internet + Commodity trade. 
Shanghai GYIE Cross-border e-commerce platform, as the primary e-commerce platform brand in China commodity trade circulation, pursues to service the small and medium-sized enterprises and create benefits for the society and people by lowering intermediate links and trade costs. During its development, GYIE Cross-border has always put its customers at first, and strived to provide services with continuous innovations. 
At the ceremony, GYIE Holdings chairman Ding Mingde stressed in his address that, the most valuable experiences that GYIE Cross-border learned from its development was to "strictly follow the country's strategies, strictly meet the market demands, strictly follow the frontier technology, strictly improve its self-management with all parties' support, all of which was a great power that puts GYIE Cross-border forward toward a bright future! 
GYIE chairman Ding also expressed his sincere appreciation for the support from all the country's ministries, industry associations, and the local governments! 
At last, chairman Ding concluded that, in the past three years, GYIE people has always set five priorities in the work in order to achieve the goal with hard work and great passion, and in the future, we GYIE people would continue to make new achievements in the New Era by putting great efforts into the four following work, that is, first, take concrete measures to improve the team-building work to a high-efficiency one; second, take concrete measures to expand all kinds of businesses; third, take more measures to promote the brand construction to continuously improve GYIE's brand influence; fourth, take concrete measures to promote refined management to create more benefits. 
At the ceremony, GYIE Cross-border signed strategic cooperative agreements with China Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai E-capital Transfer Co., Ltd., The Postalsavings Bank of China Shanghai Branch, Shanghai InterChem, Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd. separately. 
At the ceremony, GYIE vice-chairman Ju Aiwei addressed the outstanding business team list, and GYIE vice standing president Zhou Xuan presented the awards. 
GYIE Executives in a Show 
At the ceremony, all GYIE executive team and employees from different departments gave splendid art performances with the ending of singing the song of "Tomorrow will be even better". 
The end of the great ceremony 
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