The 7th China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference 2016 Opens Grandly, GYIE Cross-border Bulk Commodity E-commerce Platform Makes its Splendid Debut

  • Sep 08,2016
  • From:GYIE
The 7th China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference 2016, supported by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and jointly held by China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association (CPCIC), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the International Chemical Industry Association (ICCA), was held grandly with the theme of “New Normal, New Drivers, New Competitiveness” in Shanghai Jing’an Shangri-la Hotel from Semptember 12th to 14th. At the conference, more than 1,200 guests, from the government, international organizations, both domestic and overseas upstream and downstream enterprises, end markets, service providers, and media, gathered together and discussed the hot topics including the current development of trend, etc. The attendees were the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Municipality, Zhoubo, President of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation, Li Shousheng, and the Director-general of China Foundation for International Studies, Liu Guchang, etc. Shanghai GYIE Cross-border Commodity E-commerce Co., Ltd. made its splendid debut and attracted a great attention as one of the main attending enterprises and with its own biggest domestic bulk commodity e-commerce platform. 
Chairman of GYIE, Ding Mingde, presents at the CEO roundtable and takes pictures with the attendees 
Chairman of GYIE, Ding Mingde, presents at the general meeting 
Group picture of part of the GYIE management 
Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GYIE) was founded in September, 2015 with a diversified development strategy. According to this strategy, GYIE focuses on three major fields including bulk commodity transactions, Internet technology and warehouse logistics through integrating information sharing, international trade, warehouse logistics, and information technology and with its main product fields centering on bulk commodities covering petroleum & chemical, nonferrous metal, steel, plastic and rubber, etc. Since the founding, GYIE positively follows the country’s new “Internet Plus” strategy and pursues to build a new bulk commodity ecological chain by creating bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce platform boldly to provide one-stop cross-border e-commerce services, and GYIE also implements the industrial revolution 4.0 and information technology revolution simultaneously with the aim at building platform for the transformation and upgrading of bulk commodity enterprises relying on Internet, so as to help the domestic bulk commodity enterprises to connect seamlessly with both domestic and overseas high-quality enterprises and to seize the global bulk commodity market opportunities with full support in their “going-out”. It is the most significant features of GYIE that it starts late but with a high starting point, a new pattern and fast development speed, and GYIE has already owned more than 80,000 online members and accomplished a total turnover of over 60 billion yuan within one year by the end of this August, entering into the China top-500 chemical enterprises with a rank at 100 and being awarded as one of the key domestic cross-border e-commerce enterprises. GYIE has earned itself a widespread praise and become the invited vice-director unit of China Foundation for International Studies, a member unit of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation, and the vice-director unit of China Chemical Enterprise Management Association (CCEMA), and successively won the “China top-100 E-commerce Enterprise”, “China Internet Model Integrity Unit”, and “Five-star Credit Website” titles, etc. 
Chairman of GYIE, Ding Mingde, exchanges friendly with the deputy secretary of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation, Zengjian 
GYIE CEO, Ju Aiwei, exchanges friendly with the President of China Chemical Enterprise Management Association 
At present, under the influence of the global economic slowdown, growth decline of international trade, and deepening structural adjustment of the global petrochemical industry, China petrochemical industry is also at a crucial moment for both innovative development and industry transformation and upgrading. During the conference, GYIE top executives were invited to attend forums like the “CEO Roundtable - New Growth Point in Transformation Period”, “CEO Summit Forum for Chinese-foreign Chemical Enterprises”, “The New Competitive Pattern of China Petroleum & Chemical Industries”, etc., and shared their views with a pragmatic attitude with the domestic and overseas industry giants. At the same time, GYIE worked together with the host in the reception of the distinguished guests from United Nations Environment Programme and the International Chemical Industry Association, and also gave a warm welcome to the Japan petrochemical industry entrepreneurs who attended the Japan-China Chemical Industry Conference, at which all of them shared the development experiences and discussed the cooperation potential in Japan-China petrochemical technology and capacity. 
Chairman of GYIE, Ding Mingde, exchanges friendly with the President of Japan Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association, Dan Lunmin
GYIE CEO, Ju Aiwei, attends and addresses a speech at the “Japan-China Chemical Summit & New Material Forum” 
“Since last year, there are double decreases with negative growths in the sales revenues and realized profits of the chemical industry, and facing the downward pressure on the economy, and with cloud computing and big data being on their ascendance at present, we only can avoid being eliminated and regain vigor and vitality through following the features and rules of the information times and seizing the historic opportunities of innovative development of chemical industry with high-end products, e-commerce marketing and intelligent enterprises. GYIE, as a global bulk commodity one-stop cross-border e-commerce platform throughout the entire industrial chain, pursues to reduce the chemical enterprises’ operating costs and improve their efficiency and benefits, facilitate the integration of industrialization and informatization in chemical industry, and promote the transformation and innovative development of traditional chemical industry through simplifying the intermediate links efficiently in the commodity circulation and breaking the traditional tiered distribution patterns.” Chairman of GYIE, Ding Mingde, said. (GYIE) 
Photos of GYIE Exhibition Hall 
GYIE makes its splendid debut and attracts a widespread attention 
Many attendees are attracted by and stopped at the GYIE exhibition hall 
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