GYIE Cross-border attends the public carnival held in Lujiazui Finance Center

  • May 09,2017
  • From:GYIE
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde takes picture with GYIE employees
May 5, 2017, Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "GYIE Cross-border"), was invited to attend the public carnival jointly held by the Party branch, Labor Union, and League Working Committee of Luzuijia Finance and Trade Zone. GYIE Cross-border set up an exhibition booth along with other 20 enterprises of Luzuijia Finance Center with the aim at advertising and displaying GYIE Cross-border's achievements of public activities to the while collars in Lujiazui Finance Center and all the Shanghai citizens. 
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde presented at the carnival and also made a deep communication with Xue Yingping, Party secretary and Labor Union president of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Center. Secretary Xu spoke highly of GYIE Cross-border's work performance in Party building after his visiting of GYIE Cross-border's exhibition booth. Ding Feng, vice president of GYIE Cross-border, accepted the interviews from the news media like Pudong television, Pudong Daily, etc. on the introduction of GYIE Cross-border's enterprise culture and the public activities it has held. 
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde, exchanges views with Xue Yingping, Party secretary and Labor Union president of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Center
Xue Yingping, Party secretary and Labor Union president of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Center, visits the exhibition booth of GYIE Cross-border
In recent year, GYIE Cross-border has always implement the core values of "benefiting the nation and people, favoring the enterprise and ourselves, serving the community and experiencing the life" with the vision to create wealth for the society, enhance value for the shareholders, gather strength for the company, win benefits for the employees. GYIE Cross-border pursues progress in business development, and at the same time, it attaches great importance in the Party building work. GYIE Cross-border assumes its social responsibilities and takes part in the social public activities actively by organizing a series of activities including "Two Studies, One Action", poverty alleviation, support the army, voluntary blood donation, cultural and sports activities, etc.. GYIE Cross-border has set up a targeted poverty alleviation team to assist the poverty villages in Jiangxi traditional revolutionary bases by donating 174,000 yuan and 43,000 yuan respectively. GYIE Cross-border also actively promote integrated military and civilian development by conducting study tour by visiting the Shanghai Garrison, organizing GYIE employees to take part in the voluntary blood donation activity, all these activities are not only helpful in the team building within the enterprise, but also present a positive, bright enterprise image to the society. 
Ding Feng, vice president of GYIE Cross-border, accepts the interviews from the news media including Pudong Television, Pudong Daily 
The attendees of the carnival were GYIE Cross-border Ding Mingde, vice president Ding Feng, GM of Finance Center Sun Jun, GYIE Cross-border COO Du Kang, GM of Energy Development Center Ma Bin, deputy GM of Human Resources Center Zhang Min, deputy GM of Warehousing Logistics Center Xu Chunhua, deputy GM of Operation Center Qian Weijun, deputy GM of Administrative and HR Center Li Gang, and other over 20 GYIE employees. 
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