GYIE Cross-border wins the "2016 China Most Influential Enterprises"

  • Jan 22,2017
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GYIE Cross-border wins the "2016 China Most Influential Enterprises"
Jan. 15, the 14th China Enterprise Development Forum & 2016 China Enterprise Top Ten News Awards Ceremony, directed by China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) and China Enterprise Directors Association (CEDA), was jointly held by China Enterprise News Group, the selection committee of China Enterprise Top Ten News, and China Enterprise Zone International Union Association (CEZIUA), in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing. Ding Mingde, chairman of Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co. Ltd. (hereinafter "GYIE Cross-border"), CEO Ju Aiwei, board director Zhao Guangzhu, Co-president Jiang Jihong, were invited to attend the Awards Ceremony. GYIE Cross-border won the "2016 China Most Influential Enterprises" with a total of 167.474 billion yuan trading volume. 
Before the meeting, chairman of GYIE Cross-border, Ding Mingde, was warmly received by the leaders of CEC, CEDA, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. During the communication, chairman of GYIE Cross-border, Ding Mingde, said that, at present, GYIE Cross-border was now growing rapidly with an average of 1.5 billion to 2 billion yuan daily trading volume, till the day of Dec. 30, 2016, GYIE Cross-border had over 120,000 registered users, and achieved a trading volume of over 167.474 billion yuan, among which, the import and export cross-border trade accounts for around 30 percent. Chairman Ding also stressed that, GYIE Cross-border had overfulfilled its 2016 yearly goal ahead of schedule, and planed to achieve 1000 billion yuan total trading volume in the coming two years. 
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde, (3rd, L) takes a picture with the leaders of CEC, CEDA in the Great Hall of the People  
At the following awards ceremony, ten state-owned enterprises and ten private enterprises were awarded the "2016 China Most Influential Enterprises" respectively, among which, GYIE Cross-border, along with other enterprises including Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, was on the winners list. This forum has also released the lists of "2016 China Enterprise Top Ten News", the "2016 China Top Ten Enterprise Figures", "2016 China Top-100 Innovative Enterprises", and "2016 China Top-100 Growth Enterprises".  
GYIE Cross-border CEO, Ju Aiwei, said at the forum that, in 2016, GYIE Cross-border established the integrated, extended information ecosystem with online trading system, finance service, warehousing supervision, logistics and delivery, big data, with the aim at serving the small and medium-sized enterprises with its unique service mode, which was to seize the opportunities in market with the chemical products as the breakthrough point, and above all, GYIE Cross-border was an open platform that took the lead in the introducing the chemical enterprises into cross-border e-commerce, and was growing at a rapid speed with its differentiated competitive advantages. The data has showed that, in 2015, the size of China chemical market has broke through 8000 billion yuan, and in 2017, the said market size will continue grow, and among which, GYIE Cross-border only accounts for 2 percent, there will be great development potential for both GYIE Cross-border and the whole chemical e-commerce industry.  
GYIE Cross-border CEO, Ju Aiwei,(3rd, R) speaks at the forum 
This meeting was an authoritative selection activity that one of the best in scale, level, and scope in China business circles, and achieved great focus and support from the government leaders, and Chen Changzhi, Bai Lichen, Xu Jialu, Wang Guangying, Chen Jinhua, Hao Jianxiu, Wan Guoquan, Zhou Tienong, Wang Wenyuan, Sun Fuling, Wang Zhongyu, and other states leaders attended the awards ceremony. China Top-500 Enterprises, including PetroChina, SINOPEC, China Telecom, China Mobile, ICBC, China Life, Baosteel, Shougang, Haier, Lenovo, Huawei, Wanxiang Group, etc., and also a large number of influential entrepreneurs, all took part in the selection activity. The meeting has now becoming one hot topic of common concern at the turn of the year with the positive support from and involvement of all social sectors, and especially many domestic news agencies and relative enterprises. 
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