GYIE Cross-border elected as the director unit of SCIA

  • Feb 21,2017
  • From:GYIE
The conference site of the 6th session of the 4th SCIA meeting
February 17, afternoon, the 6th session of the 4th SCIA meeting was held at Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, during which Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "GYIE Cross-border") was approved as the director unit of Shanghai Chemical Industry Association (SCIA). The CEO of GYIE Cross-border, Ju Aiwei, and the other two persons, attended the meeting with the invitation of the council of SCIA. 
The 2016 annual working report of SCIA points out that, SCIA has earnestly fulfilled its duties with great determination, and provided support and guarantee for the safe, green, and sustainable development of Shanghai chemical industry by way of establishing effective service platform and playing as the "link bridge", and has well fulfilled all the annual working targets of 2016. At the 5th session of the 4th SCIA meeting, the Draft Amendment of the Articles of the 4th session of Shanghai Chemical Industry Association was reviewed and approved, which had added the amendment that GYIE Cross-border would be selected as the director unit of SCIA. 
GYIE Cross-border CEO, Ju Aiwei, attends the meeting
The year of 2016 is the year that the 13th Five-year Plan was implemented in an all-round way, Shanghai petroleum and chemical industry achieved a gross industrial output of 325.933 billion yuan, and an overall profits of 27.532 billion yuan, which accounts 10.45 percent of the overall industrial profits of Shanghai City, a great start of the 13th Five-year Plan. 
In 2017, SCIA will continue to follow the principle of "Four Services" with the aim at becoming the regulator, organizer, and representative of Shanghai petroleum and chemical industry. GYIE Cross-border will full play its advantages to provide all kinds of services including online trade, international logistics, electronic payment, financial derivatives, and whole supply chain service covering worldwide warehouse network and extensive logistics delivery systems, so as to promote the innovative supply-side reform of chemical enterprises with cross-border e-commerce platforms, and create the cross-border B2B e-commerce ecosystem of bulk commodity by way of sharing GYIE Cross-border's secure, convenient whole supply chain services. 
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