Amazing "GYIE Speed" – A Total Trading Volume of 160 Billion yuan Within One Year

  • Dec 15,2016
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The day of December 15, 2016, is a milestone in the rapid development history of Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "GYIE Cross-border"). As a bulk commodity cross-border B2B e-commerce platform, GYIE Website has achieved an amazing online trading volume of over 160 billion yuan ahead of schedule within just one year with over 12,000 online platform customers. GYIE Cross-border has fulfilled the yearly target of 160 billion yuan trading volume, which is equivalent to the whole year local fiscal revenues of Shanghai city of the year of 2006. The advanced "GYIE Mode" has created an amazing "GYIE Speed". 
Rooted in traditional chemical industry, GYIE Cross-border gradually expands its business scope into different fields of bulk commodity by providing one-stop whole industrial chain service for the small and medium-sized enterprises of bulk commodity with the aim at promoting the enterprise transformation and foreign trade upgrading with its cross-border e-commerce mode and Internet technology advantages. GYIE Cross-border has now earned widespread acclaim from all walks of life and also many titles, such as the invited vice-director unit of China Foundation of International Studies, member unit of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, vice-director unit of China Chemical Enterprises Management Association, China Key Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises, China Top-500 Chemical Enterprises, China Top-100 E-commerce Enterprises, and China Credit Model Enterprise, etc.. 
As a cross-border B2B e-commerce enterprise throughout the bulk commodity industrial chain, GYIE Cross-border is setting sail with its historical mission of serving the enterprises, industry, and the country's strategies. 
Huaxia Rising – the Rapid Rise of a Chemical Enterprise 
The rise of GYIE Cross-border began from last Spring… 
Spring March, grass growing and warblers playing, one private-owned enterprise, bathed in the policy Spring wind, was beginning to bloom. GYIE Holdings invites the top talent from industries of chemistry, finance, warehouse logistics, and Internet technology to build the outstanding GYIE team with the aim at creating an innovative mode by integrating bulk commodity entity trading with cross-border e-commerce. 
September 15, 2015, GYIE trading platform was officially online, and at the very beginning, GYIE Cross-border started its business by centering on chemical products and with an innovative mode through integrating bulk commodity and cross-border e-commerce, and rapidly developed into the provider of chemical trade information and the deep participant of the chemical industrial chain. 
With the promotion of the country's strategies and industrial transformation demands, China chemical industry has gone through thirty years' sustained rapid development, and now begins its icebreaking tour of industrial transformation and reform by breaching the imprisonment of the traditional trade thinking mode, and starts the supply-side reform of chemical industry with the aim at changing China from a major chemical country to a powerful chemical country. 
The warehouse logistics of bulk commodity is not only the veins of national economy, but also the lifeline of cross-border e-commerce. GYIE Cross-border conducts strategic cooperation with many state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, and industrial leading enterprises to jointly build GYIE cloud warehouse and smart logistics systems, such as, cooperating with the international enterprises like French LBC Group to build oversea warehouses and collaborating with over ten warehouse logistics service providers including Shanghai Guochu, Anhui Guochu, Beifang Group to build domestic cloud warehouse league in the construction of global central warehouse network; cooperating with large logistics enterprises including China Logistics, Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics, COSCO Chemical, SINOPEC Chemical Logistics, Shanghai Yunze, AMASS Group to build the logistics network covering 70 global ports and more than 20,000 cities in over 120 countries in the construction of global logistics network to realize the preliminary overseas sales and delivery with the feature of perfect overseas logistics supporting service of short delivery time and fast after-sales service. GYIE Smart Logistics has conducted comprehensive cooperation with over 40 large enterprises and industrial parks including Dayawan Petrochemical, Hangzhouwan Chemical Industrial Park, Hengyang Group, Chengxing Group, with the aim at providing convenient, high-efficient service for the small and medium-sized enterprises by way of integrating the complex cross-border trade into the one-stop service. 
Till now, "GYIE Mode" has taken a great leap forward by integrating all the industry chains and building a secure, high-efficient, mutual trust, win-win platform with the aim at serving the small and medium-sized enterprises' cross-border trade of bulk commodity and building the new cross-border B2B e-commerce ecosystem. 
The road ahead is tortuous and dangerous, but GYIE team will unwaveringly follow the spirit of being faithful and perseverant, and always put it as the first priority to serve the small and medium-sized enterprises, and it is by which GYIE Cross-border can make the outstanding achievements of 160 billion yuan trading volume within just one year and create the innovative complete online service mode. 
The seaway has opened, the sails are raised, the chemical industry will break the ice, and GYIE Cross-border will set on a long voyage. 
Cross-border Pioneer: GYIE Cross-border's strategic choice 
The dividend of "Internet Plus" has benefitted all the industries, especially the bulk commodity industry can not miss the opportunities brought by cross-border B2B e-commerce, which provides advantages for the realizing of high-end products, e-commerce marketing, smart enterprise… So we have to make reform and innovation in key fields by integrating industry with information. 
When China's bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce field was still a virgin land, GYIE Cross-border pioneered a way by integrating cross-border e-commerce and traditional manufacturing industry and seizing the opportunity of "Internet Plus", with the aim at providing comprehensive services for the chemical trade. And before most people have a basic understanding of bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce, GYIE Cross-border has already made its goal to be committed to providing one-stop service for the small and medium-sized enterprises so as to promote the chemical enterprises' innovation-driven development and transformation. 
Over the past year, GYIE Cross-border has gained great support from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIA), Chian Chemical Enterprises Management Association (CCEMA), and vast chemical enterprises, GYIE Cross-border's special development mode of "start late but with high starting point and rapid development speed" has been widely acknowledged and spread. 
April 20, 2016, Wang Shugang, chairman of China Chemical Enterprises Management Association, pointed out in his speech addressed at the "High Level Symposium of China Chemical Enterprises' Management Transformation", as cloud computing and big data was quite prevailing for now, and the chemical enterprises' traditional marketing mode had been confronted with a new development opportunity, we had to follow closely to the calling of the times with a sense of urgency in the development of chemical enterprises so as not to be eliminated by the times. 
With the assist of CCEMA, the distance between GYIE Cross-border and different chemical fields has been pulled closer, and GYIE Cross-border was officially introduced by the CCEMA to the leaders and guests from the international petroleum chemical industry at the China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference held on September 12. Till now, over thousands chemical enterprises make trades at the GYIE platform, which further proves that GYIE Cross-border's choice is in accordance with both the country's requirements and market's demands. 
The bulk commodity cross-border B2B e-commerce platform build by GYIE Cross-border, is like a belt that connects the factories and terminal customers, and a cross-sea bridge that provides convenience for the trade between the domestic and foreign bulk commodity enterprises, and also an aircraft carrier that safeguards the supply-side reform of the bulk commodity industry. 
As a pioneer in cross-border e-commerce, GYIE Cross-border will fulfill its glorious mission by conquering all the difficulties ahead in the road… 
Ecological building: cross-border e-commerce pioneer's special mission 
GYIE Cross-border is destined to experience and participate in the building of bulk commodity cross-border B2B e-commerce ecosystem. 
GYIE Cross-border bulk commodity B2B e-commerce platform makes perfect online matches for the suppliers and buyers, provides convenient, high-efficient offline warehouse logistics service, and outputs financial services, payment settlement, data technology and risk management in the whole trading process by way of seizing the huge information from business flow, logistics, fund flow and information flow to realize the construction of O2O ecological closed-loop system. 
In the future, the most of the market share of global cross-border e-commerce will be rapidly concentrated, GYIE Cross-border will comprehensively extend its current business from online trade to international logistics, from electronic payment to financial service, from worldwide warehouse network to extensive logistics delivery system, and strives to develop into a global leading cross-industry enterprise that integrates merchandise trade with service trade, and familiar with global trade and investment. According to the development plan of GYIE Cross-border, its total trading volume will break through 500 billion yuan in 2017 with a ranking of world top-500. 
Big time needs big vision, big vision needs great wisdom, large economy needs big e-commerce… 
With the prevailing market position of cloud computing and big data, the traditional marketing mode of manufacturing enterprises has been confronted with a cross-border e-commerce opportunity. GYIE people will stick to its original goal to fight ahead in the road of building a bulk commodity cross-border B2B e-commerce ecosystem. 
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