Shanghai GYIE Cross-border signs strategic cooperative agreement with InterChem (Shanghai) Corp.

  • Apr 08,2018
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Strategic cooperative agreement signing ceremony between
InterChem (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. &
Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd.
Morning, April 2, 2018, InterChem (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. singed strategic cooperative agreement with Shanghai GYIE Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. at GYIE Cross-border's conference.
GYIE Cross-border and InterChem at a symposium
At 10:00 a.m. of April 2, Xu Xiaowei, General Manager of InterChem (Shanghai), and vice GM Yang Guorong, Finance Manager Yang Bo, Product Manager Shen Yue came and visited GYIE Cross-border.
GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde welcomed the visiting guests at the reception hall, and GYIE Cross-border vice-chairman Ju Aiwei accompanied the guests during the visiting at GYIE Cross-border's working place.
And then both parties exchanged views with a symposium at GYIE Cross-border conference room, at which, GYIE Cross-border chairman stressed that, GYIE Cross-border had always followed the business concept of "cooperation is better than competition", and both parties finally came to work together since we share a lot of similarities in business.
InterChem GM Xu made a brief introduction of InterChem's advantages in international chemical trade. InterChem, a large legacy company engaged in international chemical trade, has its special resources advantages in Europe and America markets, and had become one major player in the domestic chemical market especially in products including crude oil, fuel oil, styrene, methylbenzene, PS plastics (mainly polystyrene). And in 2018, InterChem is seeking breakthroughs in the domestic chemical market by bringing its international PS plastics business to China market, which is complementary to GYIE Cross-border's e-commerce platform as InterChem could expand its business with the strategic cooperation with GYIE Cross-border.
GYIE Cross-border vive-chairman Ju Aiwei, Standing vice-president Zhou Xuan also made specific and constructive suggestions at the symposium.
At the symposium, both parties has reached into consensus in the following three points, that is, first, GYIE Cross-border Standing Vice President Zhou Xuan will work as the head of the cooperative program to formulate the specific cooperative plans for both parties; second, the specific cooperation plans would be submitted to each party's company leaders for examination and approval; third, the cooperative program should be put into implementation at the end of April.
At the end of the symposium, both parties signed the strategic cooperative agreement at a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

GYIE Cross-border chairman Ding Mingde signs the strategic cooperative agreement with InterChem GM Xu Xiaowei

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